INsider Plus Players Card PRE-SALE


Save 15% - 25% on Golf Every Time You Play at 7 Great Florida Courses

2020 INsider Plus Players Card Pre-Sale Special
Save $10 - Only $44.99
(Regularly $54.99)

2020 INsider Plus Players Card Benefits

  • 10-Day Advance Tee Time Reservations
  • Enjoy INsider Plus Players Card Specials & Play Days
  • Monthly Play Days at the Exclusive Bayou Club
  • 2 Rounds at The Bayou Club and LPGA International (guest fees apply)
  • INsider Plus Golf Leagues & Tournaments
  • Annual USGA GHIN Handicap Only $20 - $20 Savings
  • Special Order Merchandise Cost + 10% (plus shipping & sales tax)

2020 INsider Plus Players Card valid through October 31, 2020. Discounts valid for cardholder only.

With the exception of Bardmoor IP Members, all other IP Members are limited to 2 IP rounds at Bardmoor.

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For more information, please call the Golf Shop at Call Lansbrook Golf Club for IP Card information at (727) 784-7333 or email

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